Bijouterie Italienne

In 1959, Pino Miserendino opened a jewellery store on Rue Saint-Zotique in Montreal’s Little Italy. His shop soon became the go-to jewellery retailer for the Italian community, known for its personalized service and high-quality merchandise.


Magento, PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Bijouterie Italienne

Bijouterie Italienne


An experience that shines

Bijouterie Italienne sells watches and high-end jewellery. Before making a purchase, customers always take the time to peruse and compare products. It’s a slower sales process, one that’s often an emotional one—and never rushed. We wanted to recreate this relaxing in-store experience online.

Bijouterie Italienne


Intermediate pages for an improved user experience

To bring the boutique experience to the web, we developed a site with a unique path. Several pages showcase Italienne Bijouterie’s products and their unique styles without placing pressure on sales. With temporary pages and a simple, sleek design, the site conveys the essence of the brand and attracts new customers to the brick-and-mortar shop.

To promote the site, we launched Facebook and AdWords campaigns throughout the year, in combination with an SEO strategy that moved Bijouterie Italienne up in the search engine ranks.

Bijouterie Italienne


An optimal user experience

A year after the site’s launch, the bounce rate dropped significantly, from 67% to 21%, and the average time spent per session rose by 72%.

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