Défi Casse-Tête

Fondation Tête Première works to support research and improve care and quality of life for individuals who have suffered a head trauma. Their Casse-Tête initiative organizes public sports event fundraisers. We developed a web platform for the foundation to promote the cause and raise donations for the project.


WordPress + WooCommerce, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Walterinteractive - Défi Casse-Tête

Walterinteractive - Défi Casse-Tête


A site for raising awareness

The client needed a site that would engage the community, raise awareness about head trauma, and allow them to communicate with participants about events and fundraising.

Walterinteractive - Défi Casse-Tête


Transparency and visibility

Like all donation sites, Casse-Tête needed to be able to carry out secure monetary transactions, and ensure transparency and visibility in terms of the tracking and use of the funds raised. We also wanted to encourage users to engage with the campaign and share it on their social networks, directly from the site.

Walterinteractive - Défi Casse-Tête


From visitor to ambassador

We developed a tool that provides information about the cause, collects donations and handles transactions transparently, communicates the details of sporting events, connects teams, and allows participants to become ambassadors through direct action from their account, so they can promote and share their actions on the web (social media, press, blogs, emails, etc.).

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