Mybys is a platform developed by Facilis, a Canadian company offering technology solutions that facilitate and improve professional communication across borders.


Microsoft ASP.NET Razor, HTML, CSS, Javascript




Connecting people, not computers

Mybys is a simplified, standalone solution that provides videoconferencing and online document sharing without leaving a data footprint. It is a unique platform standing shoulder to shoulder with web giants such as Go To Meeting and Mybys sets itself apart with a simplified behaviour-based tool marketed directly to the end user.



An enhanced experience and digital strategy

Our recommendations included focusing on the user experience and increased ergonomics, creating a web platform that allows for various uses through adequate pages and case studies for each targeted sector, integrating a customer relationship management and sales strategy with a direct mail plan, and offering of a free 30-day trial.



A user-friendly tool

We transformed the Mybys product and created video tutorials, an online sales strategy, and client zone. The site includes a monthly subscription platform along the same lines as Netflix. We also streamlined the interface and navigation to create a simplified, user-friendly experience.