Ôplant is a state-of-the-art concept. The new Montreal-based company provides restaurants with organic micro-greens grown on an indoor vertical farm, supporting a vision of food autonomy for urban communities.


Magento 2, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript


A seed of innovation

Our first challenge was creating a transactional website that would serve as the basis for Ôplant’s innovative project and provide fertile ground for their already-rapid growth. Two interfaces were also necessary: one for users curious about the products or where they can try them, and another where chefs can place orders and pay invoices.


Room to grow, at the heart of current trends

All the ingredients for success, but where to put them? Ôplant is an exciting new startup in an up-and-coming market, but we needed to position the products the right way. Our strategy placed Ôplant at the heart of market trends (cooking, agri-bio industry, plant-based health, and urban farms)—the perfect place for Ôplant to make its mark and attract future clients.


Farming 2.0

We created a site on the cutting-edge of design, with a sleek look and attention to detail. We’ve highlighted the vision and ideas that continue to grow with Ôplant, along with partners of the initiative and the restaurants it supplies. By emphasizing innovation we’ve made Ôplant stand out from the traditional agri-food industry and given their website an overall urban store and farming 2.0 feel. Chefs can log in to the site and place online orders.

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