Passion Monde

Passion Monde is a travel agency that offers a new kind of tour tailored to the traveller. Targeting the mid- to high-end market, Passion Monde is the luxury subsidiary of Voyages Bergeron, Quebec’s premier online travel agency.


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Passion Monde

Passion Monde


A personal touch

Passion Monde relies above all on their customer-based approach—the obvious basis for a customizable experience. Their conference presentations are a key factor in the conversion rate for travel sales. Our goal was to generate sales by putting the accent on Passion Monde’s marketing pillars: its free presentations.

Passion Monde

Digital strategy

Adapt, measure, perform

Our goal was to streamline the visitor experience using a coherent digital strategy and a design as stunning as Passion Monde’s destinations. Beyond upgrading our clients’ platforms, we like to give clients the tools to continue evolving. In the case of Passion Monde, we collected client testimonials and set up a Google Analytics tracking plan to monitor the site’s performance, adapt functionalities, and boost marketing and customer acquisition strategies.

Passion Monde


An improved client and employee experience

We focused on Passion Monde’s web and mobile platforms, aiming to improve the client experience and work done by the company’s in-house teams. An overhaul of the website from visuals to technical details (administrator interface, sign up, icon bar) addressed marketing-related digital functionalities (easy navigation and registration, accent on conferences). The client’s mobile application was also revamped, with technical improvements that provided a more modern interface.

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Every angle covered

Passion Monde is an experience out of the ordinary—an exotic world inspired by a passion for travel. We helped the travel agency define a visual identity that lets their values shine through. To promote their brand image, Passion Monde has adopted a cohesive design for its content (seasonal brochures, kiosk wraps, promotional banners, and marketing campaigns) and key actions such as contests.

Passion Monde


A step ahead of the competition

Our 360° approach gets results! Analytics show that the number of visitors to Passion Monde’s site has double in the past year. The bounce rate has also gone down by an average of 30% on their website, as well as on their mobile and tablet sites: proof that users are staying on the site longer