Voyages Bergeron

Voyages Bergeron has stood as one of Quebec’s biggest travel companies for over 50 years. Driven by a desire to share their passion for travel, Voyages Bergeron is always looking to improve its processes and simplify buying for its customers.


Symphony, synchronisation with API, PHP,
HTML, CSS, Javascript

Voyages bergeron

Voyages bergeron


Change and technology management

With over 350,000 monthly visits, the Voyages Bergeron site needed a seamless redesign that wouldn’t interrupt service, all of which required close collaboration with our team at Walter. For these reasons, the two major challenges of the project were change management and the launch of the new site. We also had to take into account the site’s numerous APIs and adopt a specific management approach to prevent fraud and adhere to travel industry standards. Collaboration with different suppliers and complete back-end expertise were essential to the project’s success.

Voyages bergeron


Ongoing, effective communications

From project inception, we maintained constant communication with the client and project stakeholders. Every week, we’d check in with everyone on the team and make sure the project was progressing on schedule. After the site’s launch, we followed up with the client and reviewed their customer feedback, making small adjustments to ensure proper change management.

Voyages bergeron


A successful redesign and constant improvements

We noted a 29% drop in the bounce rate, and a 75% increase in visitors to the site. We continue to work closely with the client, making constant improvements and tracking customer feedback..

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